Become a Lean Change Agent

Attend the 2-day workshop and learn how to apply Lean Startup, Agile and Lean thinking to change management

Jason Little is coming to the Netherlands to for his Lean Change Management workshop, based on his book Lean Change Management. The workshop is scheduled for May 15th and May 16th, and will be in English.

About This Workshop: As innovation and disruption continue to increase, more and more organizations are looking for how to change faster in order to remain competitive. Many of those organizations are looking at Agile to do that, but tend to use outdated change management approaches that are not equipped to manage fast-paced change. This 2-day workshop is designed to show you how to use Agile and Lean techniques to facilitate change. Lean Change Management is a modern approach that takes ideas from Lean Startup, Agile, Organizational Development, and Change Management in order to help you figure out the best approach to the change you’re faced with. You’ll learn what Agile is, and how to apply Agile thinking to your change programs, as well as many good practices and lightweight planning and exploration tools for getting your change off the ground and headed in the right direction.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how to apply Agile and Lean techniques to Change Management
  • How to use Agile techniques within your existing Change Management framework
  • How to reframe resistance to change to response to change
  • How to modernize your change management practices
  • Combine ideas from Lean Startup, Agile, OD and CM to develop your own contextual change framework
  • Alternatives to ROI and project management thinking
  • How to use light-weight planning and measurement tools such as Change Canvases, OKRs, Perspective Mapping and more.

“Thoughtful, patient, great facilitation, great temperament and delivery style.” – Manjit Singh, Washington 2016

2 Day Course Outline

Day 1:

  • Introduction: why are you here? What is the ultimate question you hope to have answered?
  • What is Lean Change Management, and how is it similar, and different, to how you approach change today?
  • Agile Change Management: Overview of the Agile values and principles, and how you can apply that thinking to change management.
  • Alignment: How to use light-weight tools for change readiness, change liftoffs, and ongoing facilitation of change
  • Incremental Change: How to move away from traditional ROI and towards reducing uncertainty by breaking down change into quarterly objectives with tangible key results.

Day 2:

  • Experiments: How to move away from change activities, and towards change experiments. This includes good practices for communication, creating alignment, providing status to change sponsors and more.
  • People: Why the notion of ‘resistance to change’ is wrong, and why the “70% of changes fail” is incorrect. We’ll explore how different people respond to change differently, and how you, the change agent, can navigate that complexity
  • Your Own Change Framework: We’ll take the learning from both days, and discuss what your own change framework could look like and you’ll answer your own questions that were created at the beginning of Day 1.

“Knowledgable with real life experiences. Very good communicator, engaging and interesting”  – Shyamala Keshamouni, Detroit 2016

What You Get

  • A copy of Lean Change Management
  • Access to the Lean Change Agent Network that will launch in early 2017
  • Lean Change Management workbook
  • Inclusion to the Happy Melly Ecosystem
  • A lifetime of connections with over 700 people who have attended these workshops (as of Oct 2016)


  • Location will be ImpactHub, Amsterdam
  • Workshop will be facilitated by Jason Little, author of the book Lean Change Management
  • Coffee, tea, and lunch is included
  • Cost are € 1295,- (Ex. VAT)
  • May 15th – May 16th
  • Start at 9:00, end around 17:00
  • No laptop required
  • Minimal number of attendees is 8, maximum is 16. As soon as the minimal number of attendees is reached, invoices will be send
  • Workshop and materials will be in English
  • Invoicing will be done by Agile Strides – Coaching & Consultancy
  • Click here to learn more about Lean Change Management.


The workshop is fully booked. There is currently already a waiting list. If you would like to be added to the waiting list, please let us know.

We advise you to look into the Lean Change Management workshop scheduled in Belgium. Also this workshop is almost fully booked!